Equipment Management

From entire fab closed-bid auctions to single tool sales, our team provides our customers with a systematic approach to equipment disposition. We have access to various levels in semiconductor companies worldwide, worked with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and partnered with brokers, resellers, stockists, refurbers, logistics suppliers, etc. We buy, sell, arbitrage, broker, remarket, organise auctions, close bidding, targeted bilateral large transactions, etc. We also provide asset valuation advisory services for financing, inter-company transfers, insurance, investments, liquidations, etc. (Also described under “Services”)

Many of our members have multiple years/decades of experience in the areas of semiconductor fab, test, assembly and lab equipment. Under EQUVO and STEL EQUVO, we have transacted several thousand pieces of equipment (300mm/8”/6”/5”/4” fabs, TFT/LCD, LED, OLED, Test, Assembly, Laboratory, Metrology, Robotics, etc.), not mentioning, some of our team members had a decade or more prior experience in reputed companies prior to joining us.