Extraction Notice:
1) Due to the possibility that there is going to be a number of successful bidders, extraction of tools will be carried out by service providers appointed by EQUVO. 
2) Cost of Extraction will be borne by the Buyers.
3) Extraction includes de-facilitization, decontamination, deinstallation, packing, rigging and movement to P3 loading dock. 
4) Prioritization will be given to higher dollar value buyers downwards in terms of tool movement preferred schedule. 
5) Our project manager will ensure an orderly removal with optimal use of limited P3 resources like the cargo lifts and loading dock space. 


Welcome to EQUVO

EQUVO, headquartered in Singapore was founded in 2009.

CEO's Message

Since we were incorporated in February 2009, we have originated several hundred million dollars of lease financing and transacted over a few thousand pieces of used semiconductor equipment.

Our company remains humble but proud. Humble in the sense that customers always comes first.  We exist to serve their needs.  Our team work hard to get the job done and break new frontiers to make things happen because our customer needs it.  Then comes our investors and banks; they put money in our company and in the transactions.  We have a zero delinquency record and will make it our duty to protect their investments. We always make sure our employees have fun and grow while they make money for themselves and the company. We are proud of our achievements and prouder to be part of the EQUVO family & brand name. – Melvin Low, CEO & Founder